It is AS400 (IBMi) systems-development NCS to the Yokohama base. It skips to the text.

AS400 systems development with clear technology and operating knowledge :NCS

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AS400 systems develop


Limited company NCS ( Yokohama ) supports the business of the customer mainly in the AS400 ( IBMi ) system development, being general.      To a Japanese site


  • Limited company NCS is waiting for the order of the AS400 computer system analysis.

    AS400画像The hardware like AS400, and when the OS is a stable computer, a system is stable for the extended period and is used.
    When stable in the extended period like a system on AS400 and being used, it sometimes becomes the one the whole grasping of which is difficult from a wide range of factors of the system-modification to have supported a legal revision and so on.
    At limited company NCS, it thinks that it is necessary to service stocktaking and a business flow reference document at the program assets beforehand beforehand to do the system development or the maintenance of the excellent computer like AS400.
    It is recommending that the AS400 system prepares a wide range of solutions to turn at limited company NCS to perform this and beginning at the systems analysis.
  • Limited company NCS is waiting for the consultation on the AS400 computer system.

    At limited company NCS, it attempts computer system popularization through the institute in Tsurumi Corporation Association and so on and it is proceeding with the facilitation of the business by it.
    We receive consultation in general about the consultation of the system of the inventory control, the accounting control, the fixed asset management which we make triumphant as the part and so on and the computer system introduction and so on for free.
    We request consultation on the computers such as the selection of the software in E-Mail.
    Specifically, when using AS400 which we make triumphant or being reviewed in the switchover to AS400, contact by all means.

Press Releases etcPress Releases

July, 2014
The managing director Nagao Kenichi had the member of the taxation system and the tax matter of public interest corporation Tsurumi Corporation Association of the committee entrusted.
November, 2013
It was introduced to Asahi Shimbun on November 6th, 2013 as the AS400 ( IBMi ) system expert who plays an active part in Kanagawa.
September, 2013
It was introduced to Asahi Shimbun on September 3rd, 2013 as the AS400 ( IBMi ) system expert who plays an active part in Kanagawa.
June, 2012
It was introduced as an AS400 (IBMi) systems development firm by the Press Releases of innovation's eye of the Fujisankei business eye.
April, 2012
The Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi company introduction site was started in order to develop with a local company.
January, 2012.
For the Yomiuri Shimbun Kanagawa version The new year's greeting was published as a systems development engineer of AS400 (IBMi) by Yomiuri Shimbun my best pro.
September, 2011
It is as a specialist in AS400 (IBMi) systems development to Yomiuri Shimbun my best pro Kanagawa. Representative director Ken-ichi Nagao's column was published.
July, 2010
It was published as a systems development company centering on AS400 (IBMi) at the Nishi Nippon Shimbun Kitakyushu version.
March, 2007
International journal It was published as a company which is performing the systems development of the March, 2007 issue according to AS400 (IBMi) based on Yokohama to a plan "it lives to the earth" specially.。


〒230-0051 神奈川県横浜市

〒230-0051 神奈川県横浜市
TEL 045-642-4640




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